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SmartVent Home Ventilation Installers Auckland. We mentioned SmartVent before as a heating option. It’s also ideal as an all in one system for both heating and ventilation.

Not just important in summer to circulate refreshingly cool air, a well-ventilated home also provides superior air quality which is something that your family will benefit from in winter.

The health risks created by mildew are well known now, and if you are a landlord, you’ll be aware of the laws around keeping your tenants’ home environment mould-free and dry.

The SmartVent system is an effective way to remove stale moist air and replace with dry clean, allergenic-free air. AMPS Electrical LTD are happy to chat with you about:

  • SmartVent ventilation systems
  • Fans
  • Heat recovery systems
  • Ceiling vents
  • Roof cavity ventilation systems
  • Ambient room temperature maintenance.

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