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Electricians Energy Efficient homes Auckland and further afield.

Electricians energy efficient homes and energy efficient commercial buildings in the Auckland area.

AMPS Electrical are a team whose passion for all things electric extends to offering innovative and cost-effective solutions for energy-efficient homes and commercial buildings in the Hawkes Bay.

Some of these ideas are a little on the Avante Garde side but we look at the way of the future as being oriented to saving energy costs for our clients and minimising the cost to the environment in the process.

And there’s a lot we can do to help. Ask us about small things such as setting up heated towel rail timers right through to larger-scale options like solar panelling to lessen your reliance on the national power grid.

Converting to LED lighting from the traditional incandescent can save both your pocket and the environment and installing hot water underfloor heating is a future-forward facility that has been used in Europe for decades.

Call us and have a chat about:

  • LED, compact fluorescent and halogen lighting
  • Installing SmartVent home heating/ ventilation
  • Ducted heat transferal systems
  • Hot water heat pumps
  • Hot water underfloor heating
  • Gas water heating systems
  • Solar power panelling
  • Electricians energy efficient homes
  • Electricians energy efficient commercial buildings
  • Heated towel rail timers.

AMPS Electrical LTD based in Auckland offers a team whose passion for all things electric extends to offering innovative and cost-effective solutions for energy efficiency.

I have used Amps Electrical several times. They are always reliable, well priced and clean up after themselves. 10 out of 10 …. good jobs guys.

Chris Lulham

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