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Do I need an electrician? Of course you do!

Electrician Auckland

Especially if your issue is a bit beyond simple.

Changing your own lightbulb and fixing the blown fuse on your switchboard is all good and fine. But if you’re not exactly sure why your lights are pulsating or your kettle’s sparking, then it’s best you give us a ring at AMPS Electrical LTD electrician Auckland

And please don’t attempt to sort out your own electrical rewiring reno job – we know it’s tempting to try and save costs but seriously, call us at AMPS instead. Our prices are reasonable, and we have the tools of the trade (and the certification to prove it) all at our fingertips.

Our electricians Auckland will support you in your home handyman project by offering expert, trained electrical assistance so you can survive to tell the story. (Your family will thank us for it.)

Stay safe: call in the professionals. Best to get us on site for:

  • Wiring or rewiring
  • Modernising power points
  • Upgrading switchboards
  • Replacing hot water cylinders
  • Installing heated towel rails and timers
  • Upgrading to LED lighting
  • Appliance breakdowns
  • Emergency repairs

These guys do a great job. Very honest, reliable and professional. Would highly recommend.

Hamish Woods

AMPS Electrical LTD.

Auckland Region and
throughout New Zealand.

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